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Penny and Keith ~ from simple courthouse to a park perfect honoring family wedding


The Challenge:  Penny and Keith wanted a memorable yet carefree wedding.  With their busy schedules, they didn’t have a lot of time for planning and coordination. To make it easy, they were considering a courthouse wedding but knew it wasn’t really their ideal location.


The Process:  The couple had already had picked a date:  February 8th 2017 – on Penny’s parent’s 54th wedding anniversary.  We talked about what their perfect wedding day would look like.  They both loved the outdoors.  Penny spoke about a beautiful state park where she and her parents went on great nature hikes and enjoyed the wildflowers.  I learned that Penny’s sisters had not been able to attend each other’s weddings because they all served in the U.S. Navy.


As an ordained minister, I told Penny and Keith, “It will be my honor to marry you two ~ let’s make it special.” Within a week we had the perfect venue – Reynolds State Park.  I created their personal ceremony script and had organized all of the wedding details.  You could feel their excitement and joy! Penny’s sisters Cindy and Val attended the wedding.  This is the first time all three sisters were together for one of their weddings.


The Result:  a beautiful, family-honoring outdoor wedding with family and friends


We arrived at Reynolds State Park the morning of the wedding on February 8, 2017.  It was a chilly and clear day in Atlanta; perfect weather for Penny and Keith. Penny’s sisters Cindy & Val decorated the wedding arch which was placed next to the site of a memorial brick for Penny’s mother Audrey.  The bride and groom were dressed in hiking attire, which perfectly fit the mood.  I handed Penny a bouquet of silk wildflowers I made for her. The ceremony was fun, happy and loving, just like Penny, Keith and their families.


Penny remarked that she could feel Audrey and Don’s presence ~ a special day it will always be.

Whether it's a simple wedding or vow renewal for just the two of you or your closest family and friends we'll meet at your special place and give you the intimate ceremony you desire.  Say "I do" sunrise, daylight, sunset, or under the stars.


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Starting at $200.00 includes phone consultation, a non-denominational Minister and filing of Marriage License with the Court following the ceremony. A valid State Marriage License is required. Professional photographer and other extras available.

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